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by Glenn Franxman, Django Developer / Stunt Programmer.

It's a small world after all

posted: 2003-06-27 20:37:38 perma-link, RSS comments feed

this might be my last chance to see the world.

Last week I spent some time with Ivo Majetik and Andrew Tipton. Ivo is a programmer from Czechoslovakia. He has seen 45 of our great states, lives now outside of Denver, grew up in Prague and went to Italy for university.

Andrew grew up in Knoxville and hasn't really had opportunity to travel much, but in two weeks he's renting a car, packing a single backpack and driving to Seattle, then down to LA where he's catching a flight to New Zealand. He'll be in NZ for 1 year on a wokring holiday visa. He taking not much more than his eternal optimism that he'll find a tech job.

Herb's leaving next week for backpack/rail tour of all things Scandanavian.

All I can say is "Damn!" I've seen a few places on business trips. I've vacationed in Florida and Hawaii. That's about it. So I need some decent vacation tips. Russia? Germany? Antartica? I'm getting old ( Did you know that NZ restricts working visa's to folk 18-30? Why the cut off at 30? ). I'm liable to start a family at any minute, after which travel will be a non-starter for several years, so this might be my last chance to see the world.

Court said on 2003-08-26 22:08:25:
Hey I know Andrew! He's a really good friend of mine. I still want to knock him senseless for leaving for NZ for a year. I think it's awesome that he's going, but I'm still worried about him, as all friends should be. Alright, I just wanted to comment because you mentioned Andrew.

glenn1you0 said on 2003-07-01 09:21:14:
Dude, you are the mule.

mock said on 2003-07-01 07:52:50:
do i still get a mule?



Nicole commented, on August 21, 2012 at 3:40 a.m.:

September of 2009. I was sitting in my 8:15a.m math class, bored to death as usual when suenddly the teacher called on me to solve the problem on the board. I remember wearing these neon pink shorts that particular day. I also remember the look the boy who sat behind me had glazed across his face. The look like he was not looking at the problem on the board while I was up there and he was liking what he saw. Never before had I noticed this boy but after that moment I couldn't help but not. He was the reason I looked forward to math class after that day. After days/weeks of giving one another giant smiles each morning, we finally met one another and from that day on Derek Church and I have been inseperable. Our first date was a movie night at his house and what was so funny about that night was the fact that we never even watched it. We to this day could not tell you the name of it because while the dvd played all we could do talk and laugh with each other. He makes me laugh louder than anyone and smile bigger than anyone. He is the only person that knows when I'am mad & sad at the same time and the only person that knows me better than myself. I can honestly say I would not be the person I'am today if it were not for him always teaching me what is truly important in life. Some of our favorite things to do are: rent redbox movies from Wal-Mart, eat #5 burger combos from Dairy Cup, hike to the Fire Tower at Bays Mtn., and take sunday naps after church while Spongebob plays on the t.v. Whether I participate in a pageant or Derek is out playing music, he always make sure to let me know I will always be his princess and I let him know he will always be my rockstar. Derek is currently at Parris Island,SC going through Marine Coprs boot camp. Our way of communicating has been through letters only for 7 weeks with 6 more to go. I write him everyday and never run out of things to say. I live for the mail and to hear a simple I love you/I miss you from my very best friend. Soon we will be re-united and we look forward to continuing the journey many know as Tom & Tina.

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