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by Glenn Franxman, Django Developer / Stunt Programmer.

Programming on Teams

posted: 2004-12-13 21:38:16 perma-link, RSS comments feed

"Hi, my name is Glenn, and I'm a code-first programmer."

Seriously, I've amassed a lot of recent experience on programming in teams, and what I've learned is that nearly everyone is a code-first programmer, and it doesn't fit well into teams. The best answer I can come up with is test-first, or at least test-early.

I guess what I've really noticed is that I'm a test-early programmer, until I am in a team that isn't at which point testing goes out the window. It's a weird cultural/psychological problem, and the only way I see to fix it is to formalize it.

The problem is that a certain percentage of the population is formalization-adverse. I'm typically part of that percentage and I'm not alone.
The best way, then, to get this adopted throughout the team is to change the culture, to change the teams psychology.

accountability leads to trust

cmm level 5 = accountability - say what you're going to do, then say what you did
offshoring is not seeking lower wage, its seeking accountabliilty.


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