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Northwest sucks

posted: 2005-07-02 01:27:47 perma-link, RSS comments feed

So here I am, stuck in the memphis airport all night. After what turned into a 5 hour layover, they cancelled my flight home. They gave vouchers to spend the night at a local hotel. The hotel refused to accept the vouchers because they were full. The rental places for cars have none available, oneway or returning. All of this because of the upcoming holiday I guess.

I did get a flight tomorrow at 10 am to atlanta where I hope to subsequently find my way home.

At least I didn't book my flight through orbitz or expedia. Northwest refused to reroute them on other airines, so they're on standy by for flights that won't get them home til 9 pm tomorrow.

Sadly, I checked my clothes and charger for my phone.


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